Louisiana Debt Management license renewal

Louisiana PROHIBITS Debt Management


Louisiana Debt Management Changes to Licenses

 Louisiana PROHIBITS Debt Management Companies

Pursuant to Louisiana law,  La. Rev. Stat. Ann.§14-331, Debt management companies are prohibited from operating in Louisiana .  Read the statute here.

Renewing your Certificate of Authority

If you want to engage in a business other than a debt management business, then with certain limited exceptions, a Louisiana Certificate of Authority is required to be renewed annually if a company does business in Louisiana regardless of where the company is located.

A certificate of authority (also known as a certificate of registration) is a document that the State of Louisiana requires companies not incorporated in Louisiana to obtain before “transacting business” within the state borders of Louisiana .

License Fees

Debt management companies are NOT ALLOWED to operate in Louisiana per statute.


The filing fee for renewing a Louisiana Certificate of Authority is $150.

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Louisiana Debt Management license renewal

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